Feature Article: The Daily Guru


A dream collaboration happened to me recently with a feature article and writing spot with The Daily Guru.

My article “3 Tips to Maximise Your Next Online Learning Experience” is all about how to select and get the most out of your next online learning investment.

Self-paced eLearning is so popular these days and there are plenty of excellent courses available, some with great communities you can connect into which really enhances the learning experience.

When I think back to my career I actually had very little formal training with the organisations I worked for. In fact, most of the skills and knowledge I acquired was experiential, via tertiary education and other programs / courses I personally invested in.

Given there are vast quantities of online courses available it can be overwhelming sifting through the information. I hope this guide I wrote for The Daily Guru helps you with your research and decision making and is a usual study preparation tool.

Would love to hear your thoughts on what tip resonates most with you and any great online courses that you’ve discovered.



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