Give yourself permission to be happy

give yourself permission to be happyGiving yourself permission to be happy can be a challenge when you’re bogged down by stress, financial or health issues, or even sometimes what can be perceived as life’s treadmill of mediocrity.

Being unhappy could equate to a job you don’t enjoy, dissatisfaction with your body or attitude, an unpleasant home environment, a toxic relationship. The list could go on.

From a different perspective, perhaps you’re successful and an inflated ego gets in the way of you experiencing real happiness because the quest is only about success and the end goal, not the journey. Another example is a serial overachiever that doesn’t appreciate the wins – done, tick, next. Get the picture?

There can be many reasons why we don’t allow ourselves to experience happiness. If this resonates with you it’s time to give yourself permission to be happy.

How you choose to deal with issues preventing you from being happy is critical for moving forward.

  • Resolve issues immediately so you can progress.
  • Try to tackle one issue at a time to avoid overwhelm.
  • Some issues may resolve immediately, others might take longer.
  • Don’t let unresolved issues stand in your way of happiness.

AGS Eckhart TolleSo where to start?

Starting could be as simple as investing in some “you” time. Dancing, meditation, yoga, painting, craft, a relaxing walk, a soothing massage or bath with your favourite scented bubbles or oils, or experimenting in the kitchen. If you’re an urban dweller visit your local park and reconnect with Mother Nature. Sit under the shade of a tree to observe the majesty of wildlife in action or the beauty of colour in flowers. Kick off your shoes and feel the grass beneath your feet.

If you participate in loads of different activities like work or family commitments, try declining some and dedicating the time to yourself.

Take action right now: In the week ahead, ask yourself where you could dedicate one hour to an activity or a peaceful moment doing something you enjoy. Choose a time when you won’t be interrupted. Make the commitment. Diarise it. Get excited about it and treat it like a date with yourself. During you-time, let stresses fade to the background and aspirations and creativity surface. Listen to your heart’s desire and connect with what’s most important to you. Take notice of what you’re reflecting on and what you’re dreaming about.

If you find yourself wishing for something different, hone in on these moments where you’re seeking change. Sift out the unrealistic and focus on realistic objectives. Aim big, start small. Everyone should experience and enjoy sustainable happiness.

Personal development questions:

Answer the following questions and look for personal growth opportunities. What are your thoughts on this topic?  Leave your feedback below and share if it resonates. Or connect with me to explore further. I’d love to hear from you!

When are you most happy?

How can you shift your perspective to attract more happiness?

What measures can you take to resolve issues?

What can you celebrate right now?

NB: If you find yourself really struggling to cope with a situation or feel burdened by depression, reach out to a loved one or trusted friend. If this isn’t possible, please seek the appropriate professional advice from a psychologist or get immediate support from Beyond Blue.

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