Heart connect: my beautiful life coaching journey

Certification-Badge_Mint-2I love the arrival of an unexpected experience that leaves you feeling harmonious. That moment of clarity from quiet reflection or as a sudden awareness that something big has happened in your life.

I had one of those moments recently on the day I graduated from the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course to become a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach.

Prior to the second half of the training day, I was expressing my thoughts to our lovely lead trainer, the CEO and founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, Julie Parker, when the realisation hit me.

As a result of doing the course and from being on my own personal development journey during the training, I’d had a huge heart connecting experience.

I felt a surprising wave of emotion at this revelation. I was at the precise point of where I needed to be and where I had wanted to be for a long time. I was not simply graduating, I was stepping out and up as a professional coach. I had evolved and reconnected to a side of myself that had been on the back-burner for a while. I was now connected to an incredible group of coaches who were on a similar pathway. My heart was full of gratitude and joy.

_0002_geoheart 024When I discovered the Beautiful You Coaching Academy I was already a formally trained life coach yet my career had been on hold while I was in the depths of early motherhood. I’d had little energy to nurture my creativity or my business however the desire for a life transformation was strong.

I was ready to expand my knowledge and approached the course with a beginner’s mindset. What I particularly like about the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course is it combines life coaching skill development and equips you with the practical knowledge on how to build a business. This is hugely beneficial and often overlooked or presented as an afterthought in similar courses.

The training schedule delivered 14 content modules over a 6 month time-frame. The course included:

  a comprehensive manual plus a workbook
  an impressive selection of audio interviews on relevant topics with successful coaches
  mentor coaching support from certified graduates
  a generous digital library of professionally designed worksheets
  an online membership portal
  regular live group coaching calls
  a private Facebook group
  a global community of coaches
  opportunities for in-person training and networking

In addition, each student was assigned a coaching buddy for practical implementation. This was such a wonderful opportunity to deepen the learning. Great attention went into the pairing and the chance to connect and share the journey with another coach while practicing new skills was brilliant.

_DSC9338When you make the decision to participate in a high level training course you want to feel like you’ve made the right investment. This is another area where the Beautiful You Coaching Academy excels. Right from the moment of enrolment it is clear customer service is paramount and there was genuine care shown towards students in terms of communicating how things would unfold.

Week after week, as students we were encouraged to make the most of having access to Julie who is a successful, highly experienced professional coach. From a personal perspective, simply leveraging this along with active participation greatly enriched my learning experience. Julie gives so much of herself to her students and her personable approach and dedication to service is outstanding. It’s no wonder the courses are sold out so far in advance.

I am proud to be a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach and love supporting women and coaches on their entrepreneurial journey.

If you have ever felt a calling to live your best life and help others do the same then I encourage you to reach out to me and let’s have a chat about how this wonderful course could help you do exactly that.

If you sign-up to the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course via me, you are also eligible to receive a significant bonus to help you towards meeting your own certification requirements for the course with 6 x 60 minute virtual coaching sessions with me for free!

Having access to this level of support when you’re starting out as a coach is hugely beneficial and it’s a joy for me to help you develop further as you establish your own coaching business. Get to know me better by reading my About Page and learn more about my Coaching Services and how I work with clients. You can also hear what my clients have to say about my coaching skills via my Testimonial page.

I wish you every success and would love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts in the comments and feel free to ask me any questions about my training experience or coaching in general.


8 thoughts on “Heart connect: my beautiful life coaching journey

    1. I agree Carla, it was amazing. I’m so grateful to have experienced it and most certainly feel like we all shared something special. Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts. xx 🙂

  1. Ohhh Janelle, I just loved reading about your experience with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Thank you for sharing it. I graduated last year and the course was life-changing for me and my business. I could talk and read about it all day! 🙂

    1. I hear you Naomi! Isn’t it brilliant to have this wonderful shared experience. And even better when it’s life-changing! Lovely to read your comment today so thank you for reading my post and sharing your thoughts. Look forward to meeting you one day soon BYCA sister 🙂

  2. Wow, this was just beautiful Janelle.
    I found doing the Beautiful You course to be a heart connecting experience as well. I got so much more from it than just a life coach qualification.

    Oh and congratulations lovely!

    1. Gorgeous Chloe so lovely to hear from you and thank you for sharing your thoughts (and for reading!). Congratulations to you too. Big yes to heart connecting :: HEART WIDE OPEN. Hope we have the chance to meet very soon. XX 🙂

  3. Hey Janelle,
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience with BYCA! (What an amazing experience you obviously had!).
    I have literally just started the BYCA course and I’m both excited and apprehensive, I love this thought of yours “I was at the precise point of where I needed to be and where I had wanted to be for a long time.” This gives me so much hope and encouragement! I now feel even more encouraged after reading your post.
    Thanks again,
    Ainslie x

    1. Lovely to hear from you Ainslie and lucky you – you’re at the beginning of a wonderful adventure filled with great learning and personal growth. So excited for you! I really hope you enjoy your studies and your Beautiful You Coaching journey. Let me know how it all unfolds for you (I’m sure it’ll be brilliant!). Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. Keep in touch and best wishes. xx 🙂

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