How true self-confidence reveals your authentic self

howtrueselfconfidencerevealsyourauthenticself1Before we delve into how true self-confidence reveals your authentic self here are a few key points to consider:

True self-confidence is a reflection of your authentic self. It originates from your own personal connected wellspring of self-love, self-acceptance and courage. It’s something each of us has the capacity to possess and grow.

True self-confidence eventuates when you’re not relying on others to boost your self-esteem or via external validation of your own self-worth.

With the latter point, when you’re relying on others to validate you it’s like hiding behind a mask of dependency because you don’t fully believe in yourself.

Liken this scenario to a building that’s been constructed on an unstable foundation. The building might look initially look fine and appear stable, however over time cracks will eventually appear which ultimately requires more extensive work to rectify.

If you don’t fully believe in yourself and your abilities now, remember we can only give negative thoughts their power to manifest into deeper levels of self-doubt. Our brain translates thoughts which sculpt the self. It’s called experience-dependent neuroplasticity. Negative thoughts equals more negativity feelings and vice versa.

The mind takes the shape of whatever it rests upon… for better or for worse.” – Neuropsychologist Dr Rick Hanson

So if we take that concept of experience-dependent neuroplasticity with reference to the saying ‘fake it until you make it’, there is some truth behind it.

However, there is a caveat. The “strategy” of feigning self-confidence without really feeling it and owning it won’t honour your brilliant capabilities, support your mental and emotional wellbeing or sustain and service you well in the long-term.

If you’re not doing the internal work of fear busting and digging deep on self-belief, understand no one else can do this important inner work for you except you. If you can’t bust through the fear factor, remember, fear is the precursor to courage.

A solid personal foundation can only make you stronger in all areas of life

There are times in life when we don’t feel as confident as we could be. Particularly when we’re presented with a challenge or trying something new for the first time. Facing fear in those situations means we are less afraid to do the action the next time around. The more we practice the action, the easier it becomes and therefore we feel more comfortable and confident in our abilities.

It makes perfect sense to approach self-confidence with a trusting, open heart and open mind. If your heart and mind were closed to the possibility that you are worthy and whole as you are, then how could you proceed down the path of knowing true self-confidence?

Without the opportunity to try our hand at new skills does that mean we can’t conquer self-confidence related issues? Absolutely not.

We all have the capacity to look within and we instinctively know when we aren’t being our true authentic selves. This might show up as a feeling of uncomfortableness in how we act or disappointment when we fail to live up to our own expectations of what we deeply desire.

Imagine creating a solid, inner-connected foundation of genuine self-confidence, true self-worth and divine self-image, backed by courage and undeniable honesty? You trust your instincts, believe in your capabilities and know that you are worthy.

What would it take to get you there?

What would you need to let go of to reach that state?

How would that inner-connected foundation feel?

This is your personal platform for harnessing your uniqueness and limitless potential. Say hello to embracing your fears and goodbye to limited outdated thought patterns that may have previously torn you down to a vulnerable state of uncertainty.

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