How will you shine this festive season?

festiveHow will you shine this festive season? With the holidays nearly upon us it feels like one big race to the finish line before we can fully put our feet up and relax. It’s also a time of year when we naturally take stock of the year that was and start to plan for the year ahead.

This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our achievements and so with this in mind, here are 3 tips to help you transition out of 2015 with clarity and ease into 2016 with a deeper sense of purpose.

The year isn’t over yet! Is there something you’d still like to achieve before the year is out? How can you prioritise this?

Getting complete means looking at the year that was with an open heart and mind and taking stock of where you are at now.

Do you have unfinished projects or things loitering around on your to-do list?

As you’re getting complete and looking at what didn’t happen for whatever reason – mine for some unearthed gold. An unfinished blog post or idea you never got around to fully exploring? A creative project that never quite got underway?

Revisit that original source of inspiration. Does it still excite you? If so – pursue it! Cast a lovingly critical eye over your life and assess what’s working and what needs some attention. Make the decision to keep/lose/suspend the goal or project and move on. Please no self-blame for incomplete goals!

That race to the year-end finish line is so much sweeter when we can truthfully acknowledge our personal growth and success and recognise our own brilliance.

Overall, how was your 2015?
Did you accomplish your goals?
What were the standout moments?
What challenges did you overcome?
Did anything significant shift for you during the year?

Go back through your planner/journal/calendar and reflect on what you achieved in 2015 and take particular notice of how and when you fully showed up for yourself.

Feel awesome for what you accomplished and celebrate those accomplishments if you haven’t already.

Getting complete and making time to reflect creates an opportunity to take action. This is an unmissable step if you truly want to shine and make things happen for yourself.

Are you ready to raise the bar for yourself?

Now is the perfect time to think about what you most desire and how you will manifest that in the year ahead. Take action and diarise your intentions. Putting this in your calendar makes it real and holds you accountable for making it happen. Think positivity and productivity and keep raising that bar for yourself!

What is one big promise you’re willing to commit to for yourself in the next 12 months? How do you want to feel as a result of keeping that promise? Write those two things down on a sticky note in the following format and stick it somewhere prominent as a reminder of what’s important to you.

I FEEL [insert the word that describes how you want to feel] BECAUSE I [describe your promise]

I feel harmonious because I create balance in my life.
I feel abundant because I take ownership of my finances.

I feel healthy because I exercise and prioritise my wellbeing.
I feel confident because I love myself and trust in my abilities.
I feel strong because I uphold my personal boundaries.
I feel calm because I manage my emotions and minimise stress.
I feel in control because my I am organised and prepared.

Try to only write down what you feel truly passionate about and willing to commit to.

OVER TO YOU! Want to share your promise with me? Leave a comment and let me know what your promise is and whether you’d like to be held accountable or message me via the contact form if you’d like to keep your promise confidential.

I’d love to hear from you!


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