Plan for what you desire in 2016

Plan desire 2016PLAN FOR WHAT YOU DESIRE IN 2016: In the following video I reveal the planners and tools I’ll be using in 2016 to organise my life and business.

I also share my top tips to help you feel inspired about planning for what you desire in the year ahead.

What sort of annual planning do you do for your life and/or business and when do you do it?

Whether you’re new to planning or an organisational champ, I’m sure you’ll agree that finding a system to stick to and one that consistently works for you is key.


My typical window to plan happens in the first two weeks of January. I change over the calendars in the house on 1 January and then start laying down the thoughts and ideas that have been swirling around.

This year I was fortunate to be gifted a Dailygreatness Business Planner from Dailygreatness to try out. I was immediately drawn to the bright colours and it’s filled with useful prompts to keep you and your business on track. What I most love about this planner is it’s highly actionable and super positive. There are quotes, focus points, priority planners, weekly action planners, goal prompts and much more.

dailygreatnessThe information is cohesively presented and not overwhelming. The planner also lays flat when opened. So important for a lefty! It also features dual ribbons for page marking which is a helpful when you want to quickly flick to the current day and have another section like the Business Vision Planner readily accessible.

This planner is a keeper for sure. I hope you love it as much as I do. You can check out the full range of Dailygreatness planners via my affiliate link here.

Happy planning and hope you have a fabulous 2016!




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