Soulful Confidence Promise: Healthy Personal Boundaries Protect Me

personal boundariesKnowing and enforcing our personal boundaries is key when it comes to daily decision making and supporting our own needs.

Sometimes we are faced with making decisions and commitments that we’re simply not comfortable with and this is when having healthy personal boundaries is a lifesaver.

So how can having healthy personal boundaries protect you?

Most of us have probably experienced a scenario when we’ve said yes to something or someone when we really wanted to say no. Our instinct is saying step away but for whatever reason you wind up agreeing and get stuck doing something that your heart simply isn’t in to. Not only is it a negative exchange of energy, you may feel resentment and annoyance at yourself for saying yes in the first place.

Why is saying no sometimes so hard?

Most of the time we don’t want to hurt another person’s feelings which is understandable. Other times there may be an underlying reason or need why we say yes; such as favour stashing (you owe me one), you feel pressured to agree, or there is a financial gain.

Having healthy personal boundaries means you know the realm of what you’re prepared to do and commit to, and what is outside your scope of care, capability and capacity. To get to a place of knowing where you stand you need to:

  • Know how you want to feel
  • Identify your priorities
  • Identify your limits
  • Look at your life to see what you’re tolerating
  • Examine whether the tolerations support how you want to feel
  • Eliminate any tolerations that don’t serve you
  • Create a personal boundary around an eliminated toleration and enforce it when necessary
  • Be respectfully direct when enforcing your personal boundaries with others
  • Take pride in being assertive and honouring yourself and your needs

Knowing your limits and practising self-care by establishing and enforcing healthy personal boundaries protects you. It takes commitment and the rewards mean you will feel more confident, respected and aligned with how you want to feel.

Until next time, continue to smile and be loving and gentle with yourself.

I look forward to sharing the next Soulful Confidence Promise with you soon.

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9 thoughts on “Soulful Confidence Promise: Healthy Personal Boundaries Protect Me

    1. Hi M+K thank you for reading by and yes – absolutely agree sometimes saying no does require a great deal of inner strength and that’s when solid boundaries can really support you. Glad you enjoyed the article. 🙂

  1. What a beautiful post Janelle. Full of wisdom and insight as usual.
    I especially love your last point. “Take pride in being assertive and honouring yourself and your needs” … so very important.
    thankyou so much for sharing. x

    1. Hi Sue! Thank you so much for your beautiful comment 🙂 I think with the last point once you get into that mindset and support yourself it really helps expedite confidence building. Thanks for reading. xx

  2. Well said Janelle! I had to check in with my boundaries last week as I was feeling really unsupported – and then I realised it’s because I wasn’t supporting myself with clear boundaries around my business! So important when working from home! Thanks for sharing X

    1. So important Tracey and it’s wonderful when you have those realisations and can take the appropriate action. Especially when working from home! Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. 🙂 xx

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