Soulful Confidence Promise: I am beautiful inside and out

BeautyBeauty and feeling beautiful is often linked to how we look. When we look good, we feel confident and that helps us to feel beautiful. When our physical appearance needs attention, we may feel unattractive and less confident.

This Soulful Confidence Promise “I am beautiful inside and out” is all about owning and honouring your unique beauty.

Ask yourself these questions to quickly check in on how you perceive beauty and feeling beautiful:

What is your definition of beauty?

What does beautiful feel like?

Investing in personal development is a wonderful way to tap into your inner beauty and improve your confidence and self perception. If we’re in a trap of holding onto old stories about ourselves that we know not to be real, then it’s time to let go.

Give yourself permission to remove negative emotions and open your heart to new possibilities. Create a deeper connection to your own inner beauty and be receptive to all the beauty around you.

Reflecting on the words I am beautiful inside and out is intended to remind you that you are indeed a beautiful person – in mind, body, soul and spirit. The love you have for yourself and others, how you accept yourself for who you are and most importantly, to know that who you are is enough.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder but true beauty goes far beyond skin deep. Real beauty is your energy, your beautiful vision for yourself and whatever makes you, uniquely YOU.

Until next time, continue to smile and be loving and gentle with yourself.

I look forward to sharing the next Soulful Confidence Promise with you soon.

001_aglitteringsoulselfconfidencepromisesv3The Soulful Confidence Set of Promises
The Soulful Confidence Set of Promises is a gorgeous deck of digital images designed and created with love by me for you. Full of inspirational messages to offer support and for use as a meditation and reflection tool. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them for you.




4 thoughts on “Soulful Confidence Promise: I am beautiful inside and out

    1. Hey Katherine – lovely to hear from you! 🙂 I really appreciate you reading and leaving a comment. I do hope these promises help others. Sometimes we all need a reminder about the positives in life and about ourselves too. Take care xx

    1. Hello Katie, I really appreciate your lovely message and so grateful you had a read and it resonates. There is so much beauty beyond the surface. This promise is very close to my heart. xx

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