Soulful Confidence Promise: I love myself for who I am

3_IlovemyselfforwhoiamWhen we’re surrounded by others who are successful and appear to be living seemingly amazing lives it can be easy to feel disillusioned and disconnected from our own true self-worth.

Feelings of inadequacy surface like somehow you don’t quite measure up or what do they have that I don’t? If and when those sorts of feelings surface, think of yourself in a positive light and remember this self-love Soulful Confidence Promise: I love myself for who I am.

We are all on our own journey in life and everyone is unique in their own special way. The more you accept who you are, embrace your uniqueness and start living authentically, the easier it will be for you to truly love yourself unconditionally.

If feelings of inadequacy bring you down on a regular basis start identifying when those feelings occur. Is there a pattern? Is it a particular person you work with that evokes these emotions? Are you following people on social media that constantly display a lifestyle that you’re envious of?

If it affects you in a negative way, create some distance from the source and remember that people often want to put their best selves forward. How real are some of the images you see on social media anyway? What’s been digitally altered? What scene has been staged? You never know what goes on behind the camera lens.

More importantly, trust in yourself and your abilities and do the important inner personal development work of building your own self-confidence which in turn will make you more resilient and less likely to be affected by external influences.

Continue to smile and be loving and gentle with yourself and I look forward to sharing the next Soulful Confidence Promise with you soon.

The Soulful Confidence Set of Promises

The Soulful Confidence Set of Promises is a gorgeous deck of digital images designed and created with love by me for you. Full of inspirational messages to offer support and for use as a meditation and reflection tool. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them for you.




4 thoughts on “Soulful Confidence Promise: I love myself for who I am

    1. I love that you try to make this promise to yourself everyday Erin. For me it’s about running my own race and keeping a positive mindset. Thanks so much for your comment and for visiting. Xx

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