Soulful Confidence Promise: I am worthy and whole

2_IamworthandwholeWhenever self-doubt starts to nudge you saying you’re not good enough, nip the negative thought process by saying this simple statement “I am worthy and whole”.

Turn the situation around by acknowledging how great you are. Get specific about your unique skills, talents and personal or professional achievements. Write a list and keep it somewhere you can easily refer to whenever needed.

In terms of personal development and building self-confidence, it’s important to understand that you are a capable, loving human being and totally worthy of the self-love and self-respect you deserve.

Often when dealing with feelings of self-doubt it can be easy to slip into old familiar stories we tell ourselves of how we’re not good enough or worthy of certain things in life. Similarly, when that pattern of negative self-talk occurs, it can mean you’re not really celebrating life’s successes, small or big and giving yourself a chance to create and store new positive experiences.

Learn to recognise when this occurs and give yourself the chance to create new positive thought patterns and start believing the truth about yourself. Accept yourself for who you are. Focus on the good and remember, no one is perfect.

Continue to smile and be loving and gentle with yourself and I look forward to sharing the next Soulful Confidence Promise with you soon.

The Soulful Confidence Set of Promises

The Soulful Confidence Set of Promises is a gorgeous deck of digital images designed and created with love by me for you. Full of inspirational messages to offer support and for use as a meditation and reflection tool. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them for you.


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