Tales of a Soul Odyssey

Tales of a Soul Odyssey
A story about love, self-discovery and life’s journey

Answering the call of your soul odyssey

When the heart and mind craves peace and self-connection, it’s time to heighten our awareness and embrace the call of the soul odyssey.

A soul odyssey is the self-discovery journey that occurs throughout our lifetime. Being in harmony with our soul keeps us flowing with the rhythms of life and helps us to connect more deeply with our true essence and ultimately, our self.

Our true essence is what makes us uniquely us and it’s our truth. Yet if we are disconnected from this truth in any way, we may find ourselves living out of alignment.

“The way of peace is a soul journey. If you can live from the level of your soul, you are doing something very special. The important thing is how much consciousness you add to the whole of human existence, for that is how eternity expresses itself, like a lamp shining through the window of eternity.” – Deepak Chopra

The ability to interpret key moments of our soul odyssey may depend on our awareness. Living intentionally and intuitively means we are more attentive to our emotions and needs.

Tuning into your soul and that of the soul odyssey may require you to listen more to your highest self, noting experiences that surface around:

  • foresight and hindsight
  • recognition and achievement of milestones
  • our personal and spiritual evolution
  • commencement and closing of life chapters
  • the birth and passing of love and loved ones
  • our creative output and overall creativity
  • energetic shifts
  • self-belief and ego
  • our health and wellness
  • change and decision
  • our feelings around gratitude, self-love and generosity
  • the release of old habits and beliefs
  • being curious and connected to your sense of discovery
  • the prioritisation of quality leisure time
  • intentional stress reduction

An increased average lifespan presents an opportunity for us to truly enjoy the blessing of longevity. By recognising the soul odyssey as our collective lifetime experiences, we can tap into this and our desires to become more closely aligned with the purpose behind our life journey.

How can you more effectively tune into your soul odyssey?

What have your experiences taught you?

How do these experiences align with your purpose?

Tuning into your soul odyssey

Sometimes I feel the need to venture introspectively to quieten my mind and to contemplate various aspects of my own life for deeper soul revelations.

I recall a time when a younger me was seeking answers to life’s big fundamental questions “who am I?” and “why am I here?”.

Back then I was in a stagnant relationship and working in an unsatisfying job. It was a relentlessly demanding environment of a global corporation that undervalued and overworked its staff.

It didn’t all add up. I’d landed a position with a company I’d always wanted to work for and was in a long-term relationship. But nothing felt right. I didn’t click with the cutthroat workplace culture and in my heart, I knew the relationship with my partner wasn’t serving either of us.

I was super stressed and totally out of sync with myself and my life.

I desired stability, peace and certainly a more meaningful and healthy life. I began seeing a holistic doctor and herbalist to help me heal from the inside out starting with the gut. I drank prescribed herbal tinctures and even tried hypnosis.

Knowing my inner quest at hand, my doctor / herbalist introduced me to a woman who she said may help me answer those big questions I had. Trusting my intuition, I contacted the woman, whose name was Susan, and went along to a session in her home. She greeted me at the front door of her Bondi apartment and invited me into her living room to sit in a chair facing her.

Susan asked me to explain the reason for my visit. When I asked my ‘big’ questions we had a soulful conversation about the universe, spirituality, energy, life, connection, love, happiness and what felt like everything that mattered.

Towards the end of the session we did an exercise where, as we sat facing each other, we held eye contact and didn’t speak. Except for our rhythmic breathing, it became quiet in the room as the bustling sounds of the beach and busy Bondi Road slowly faded to silence.

As we continued to hold eye contact, suddenly everything in the room seemed to drop away except for me and Susan as we faced each other surrounded by the night sky. It was as if our souls connected and were suspended in that moment. There was a cosmic energy binding us together like invisible threads of time that had woven right around us.

As I subconsciously realised something strange was happening, the connection was broken and the moment quickly passed. The space-like atmosphere dissolved as the room came back into focus. After the session ended, we said our farewells and I stepped back into the bright daylight.

I can’t logically explain what occurred that day however, the meeting with Susan left a lasting impression on me. From that experience, I somehow felt more comfortable with my place in the universe. I trusted my instincts. I also knew the self-belief and faith in my inner wisdom needed more love and nurturing.

To honour my inner wisdom, soon after that day, I acted on two key life areas that had been negatively affecting me. I quit the stressful job and amicably separated from my partner.

Are there life areas that you need to act on?

What decisions have you been holding back from making?

How can you best move forward?

Let love rule

Several years later, I was invited to my ex partner’s wedding. As we had remained friends and it was a non-formal event, I decided to attend. I wasn’t in a relationship at the time and was enjoying a busy inner-city lifestyle.

Just before the wedding ceremony took place, I was waiting outside the venue when my ex’s mother stunned me with a negative remark about my physique. I brushed off the comment however a part of me was deflated. It’s hard enough going to a wedding on your own. Right?

Later, prior to the reception, I was still feeling mildly flat and annoyed and considered going home. Would I really enjoy attending this reception solo? As I contemplated, I felt a big universal nudge saying yes do it and so my fate was sealed.

Even then there was invisible synchronicity at play.

Have you experienced a big nudge from the universe? How did it shape your soul odyssey?

Total eclipse of the heart

Everyone at the wedding reception was buzzing. The formalities of the event were complete and guests were in party mode.

As I sat soaking up the celebratory spirit, a rather intoxicated man was suddenly before my face, slurring nonsensical creepiness and I distinctly recall thinking ‘oh get me out of here…now!’.

I turned towards the bar and instantly locked eyes with my ex. He gestured me over (yay for timely exits!) and I made my way towards him.

Just as I got there to say hi, the groom dashed away and I found myself standing next to my future husband. The night flew by as we talked and discovered we had a lot in common.

Ironically, his presence at the reception was last minute as he’d only met and become friends with the groom the day before via a mutual friend. Thank you universe for the divine timing.

When I think back to younger me with those big unanswered questions, little did I know my destiny was already unfolding with a sequence of life-changing events that spanned a decade.

What key moments can you identify that have positively impacted your life?


Love and devotion

The devotion of honouring myself and what my soul craves equips me to enjoy life’s journey. This for me is the essence of true self-love. Even when there are challenges, my capacity to rise is amplified through this tenacity and unconditional love.

Despite whatever is happening, staying present and true to yourself at a soul level keeps you flowing with the rhythms of life.

These days in my world there is less frenetic energy, more calm, creativity, purpose and clarity. I feel more grounded and peaceful than ever before.

I am more loving and honest with myself and far less critical. The joy of an unfurling journey resonates strongly with me now that I have truly embraced my soul odyssey. I see this as a hallmark of self-respect and mellowing gracefully with age.

My soul odyssey will always fuel my existence and I want it to illuminate the pathway I travel in life with the knowledge that I am infinitely resourceful.

As a life coach who helps people transform through the realisation of their personal and professional ambitions, this mindset helps me to shine my light brightly in the world. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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