I’m Janelle, a Certified Beautiful You Business + Life Coach, Advanced Crystal Master and Certified Crystal Healer. Allow me ask you this question: Is living a long, happy and healthy life something that is important to you? If you answered yes, then you’re in the right place!

I truly love supporting vibrant, heart-centered women to create the life they most desire. I harness all my talent, expertise and creativity with my passion for coaching to give you a thought-provoking, customised coaching experience that will get you inspired to take action towards your ideal goals.

You might be asking – why did I choose the name A Glittering Soul?

Glittering means shining with a shimmering or sparkling light and soul is the essence of who we are. I love the combination and sentiment of these beautiful words.

tune-into-your-hearts-desire-v2aFinding and connecting to our calling – what you might describe as your chosen vocation – is one of life’s greatest pursuits. It can also be one big source of frustration! But it needn’t be.

Doing what you feel called to do combined with your talents and passion is a pathway for fulfilment. Ultimately we all want to feel happy and fulfilled. We seek this in our professional and personal life, in our relationships and our community, and most importantly, within ourselves.

For a vibrant, heart-centered woman to soulfully shine means positively bringing your uniqueness and talents to the world with a deeper sense of purpose. Living with integrity, creating a quality life for yourself while appreciating the present moment, and caring about the future are all as important as enjoying life’s journey itself.

I hope your time here at A Glittering Soul is well spent as you get to know me and soak up the inspiration from the articles and content written and designed with love by me to help you create the life you most desire. It’s a privilege to be of service to you.

John Lennon eloquently expressed it in his song Beautiful Boy when he wrote “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”.

Throughout my career I’ve worked with not-for-profit, micro and small businesses, large national and global corporations across various industry verticals. I spent 15 years in the digital media industry and coached and worked with CEOs and business owners, helping them to establish their businesses in overseas markets.

I led international trade missions while networking around the globe and facilitated commercial opportunities to a large, geographically dispersed client base. I also co-authored a book about the impact of broadband technology on business, society and the individual.

Along the way, I invested in developing my coaching skills, earning certifications in life and health coaching via respected international training institutions. But during this time I saw how the pressures of a fast-moving industry took its toll on the people around me.

Despite my best intentions, my own diligent work ethic left me stressed and depleted by the time I hit my mid-thirties. My life took a turn for the better when I stepped out of the commercial world to become a mother. However, I discovered a new level of exertion, tackling sleep deprivation and increased autoimmune thyroid disease health issues. With little time for myself the energy to nurture my creativity faded.


In order to live a long, happy and healthy life, I knew I had to reconfigure my lifestyle. Thus the seed was planted to reclaim myself and rejuvenate my energy and creativity. Slowly I began to tune into the vision of my heart’s desire. And so A Glittering Soul surfaced.

To further honour that vision, I developed a plan to support ‘me’ and the demands of my life, without compromising my wellbeing. Self-care is a priority and I explore different creative pursuits while I write and grow my coaching business in the three key areas of life, longevity and leisure.

Living in alignment with my vision is the compass for my life and it’s also the foundation of my coaching philosophy.

I love supporting vibrant, heart-centered women to live the life they most desire. My clients deepen their self-belief and confidence and take ownership of accomplishing their ambitions. They gain clarity from defining what fulfillment means for them, while developing a plan to achieve it. My clients have expressed they feel happier, more grounded and have a stronger sense of purpose.

Please take a moment to read my client testimonials and learn more about my coaching services. If you have any questions or wish to contact me, don’t hesitate to connect.

My best wishes for your continued success.

Janelle Ledwidge
Certified Beautiful You Business + Life Coach
Advanced Crystal Master + Certified Crystal Healer
Founder, A Glittering Soul
Co-author, A Faster Future





Janelle Ledwidge is a Certified Business and Life Coach, Co-Author and Founder of A Glittering Soul. She is an Advanced Crystal Master, Certified Crystal Healer, energy practitioner and Priestess who uses crystals and other energetic tools in her business and daily spiritual practice.

Janelle inspires creative women to harmonize their energy, ditch stress and dream big as they seek joy, freedom and infinite expansion. Janelle believes the path to fulfilment and longevity is through soul-purpose, authenticity, intuition, self-love, confidence, creativity, wellness and reinvention.

In addition to coaching emerging leaders, mentoring coaches and innovative women, Janelle has worked with CEOs and business owners with whom she connected to global business opportunities. Her clients are conscious, creative, talented and aspirational. They value Janelle’s expertise and her award-winning client service for clarity, inspiration and rejuvenation.

Janelle is a BYCA International Coach of the Year Awards Finalist. She holds Coaching and Advanced Coaching certifications from Coach U and a Health Coaching certification with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Following extensive service in Australia’s digital media industry, Janelle, together with Brad Howarth co-authored and published A Faster Future – The future of broadband: what it means for business, society and you.

Janelle’s own entrepreneurial journey and passion for coaching and personal development led to the creation of A Glittering Soul, an online destination for inspirational, soulful and heartfelt content written and designed by Janelle to support women to fulfil their personal and professional ambitions and reach their highest potential.