Blogging + Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted (BE&BH)

BE+BH_Blog-Pic_squareYou’ve got to be thankful when you find an absolute gem of a course that helps you successfully create your beautiful space on the Internet.

That’s what happened to me as a result of completing Rachel MacDonald’s Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted (BE&BH) course.

When I was searching for an online course to help me get back into blog and writing mode, I discovered BE&BH.

I enrolled thinking I would focus on building a personal, creative blog and ended up going with my instincts and building the foundation that is my business blog and website today – A Glittering Soul.

I came into the BE&BH course with extensive knowledge of web development from nearly 15 years working in the digital industry. I’d had several attempts at personal blogs which had never really evolved into what I hoped they would be.

It wasn’t until I co-authored my book A Faster Future did I truly feel comfortable with my own writing abilities. I wanted to start my blogging journey from scratch and this time around I was determined to leverage my skills and focus on creating a blog that I would truly love.

The level of detail in the 8 week course curriculum and professional quality elevates the BE&BH course. Building a successful blog requires vision, planning, strategy, authenticity, great writing, quality content and consistency. Simply getting a domain name and choosing a theme is the tip of a big iceberg.

But here’s the beauty of BE+BH. You’ll cover those basics and then learn about all the different aspects of blogging with practical tools and resources. There’s also a truly gorgeous community of like-minded bloggers in a Facebook group who you can share the journey with and cheer on, along the way. Rachel’s care and attention to her tribe and her generosity is admirable.

From a personal perspective, I thoroughly enjoy the process of developing a blog and website I truly love. With A Glittering Soul, it’s an extension of me. I poured my heart and soul into it and I found my voice by trusting my instincts and connecting my passion for personal development, coaching, digital, design and developing content.

I relaunched my coaching business and since blogging have written two guest blog post this year plus a soon-to-be-published feature article for one of my favorite magazines. I’ve also written and designed my first eBook, a 33 page guide to help other female entrepreneurs with their blogging efforts: The A-Z Guide to Soulful Blogging – Expanded Edition.

BE&BH helped me to clarify my direction and inspired me to take action. If you’re thinking of starting your own blog or refining your existing blog definitely check out BE&BH. There is lifetime access and the third round starts soon.

If you sign up via my affiliate link I’ll offer you a free 45 minute virtual coaching strategy session to help you maximise your investment in the course.

What’s your experience with blogging? Share your thoughts or share your own blogging journey by leaving a comment below.

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