Connect to your truth

Connect to your truthWe all have the capacity to tap into what makes our hearts sing. To deeply connect to your truth requires intuition, self-love and gentle introspective evaluation. This allows you to honestly look at your beliefs and values and determine whether they are an authentic representation of who you are.

Regular self-care and self-acknowledgement is empowering. It means taking care of yourself emotionally and physically which can help you to connect to your truth and also nurtures the mind, body and soul.

So often we get so caught up in life we don’t prioritise ourselves. If you’re looking for more self-connection, try meditation, creative writing, tai chi, yoga, a spa treatment or a relaxing massage as ways to decompress, quieten the mind and give yourself some love. Create peaceful moments where you can block out external noise and the outside world to channel deeper thoughts.

Be your most glittering self

How often do you practice self-care and self-acknowledgement? Have you made a conscious effort to connect to your truth?

Self-acknowledgement might be difficult if you’re a perfectionist and constantly striving for more. There are plenty of feel-good moments to be savoured though. Even momentarily! Give yourself a personal high-five when you achieve something big or small, make a new discovery or celebrate the joy you feel when giving generously to others.

Actively practicing self-acknowledgement can help you resist the need for approval from others. Most importantly it can build self-confidence. Tune into how you authentically show up every day and what makes you feel genuinely glad to be alive.

When we make this type of positive self-connection, we exude positive energy and shine from within and that’s a magnet for attracting the same in our own lives.

So try it out. Embrace self-acknowledgement with a grounded, deep appreciation for how truly amazing you are. Celebrate wins no matter how small and show gratitude for all your abilities and what’s good in your life. A gratitude journal where you can freely write your thoughts may serve you well. Or take a moment at the beginning of the day to set intentions and at the end of each day check in with yourself to stay connected to what’s important to you.

Personal development questions:

Answer the following questions and look for personal growth opportunities. What are your thoughts on this topic?  Leave your feedback below and share if it resonates. Or connect with me to explore further. I’d love to hear from you!

What is your truth?

When are you most happy?

How do you celebrate achievements?

What motivates you?

How can you nurture yourself more?

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    1. You’re very welcome Anika. It’s in these moments of revelation we can clear the slate and begin to move forward with what’s important to us. Thank YOU for sharing.

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