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follow-my-blog-on-bloglovinI love keeping up to date with all my favourite blogs via Bloglovin’ and hope you will add me to your list of must-read blogs. Never miss a blog post from me again! Follow my blog with Bloglovin

2 thoughts on “Follow my blog with Bloglovin

  1. Hey! I’ve followed you from blog society FB post – was this post in response to that? Great idea! I don’t find many of my readers use blog lovin’ unfortunately. Would love to know if you get much of a growth from this xx

    1. Hey Amy, great to hear from you! Yes I did decide on a dedicated post for Bloglovin’. I hope it helps readers to find me and keep up with blog posts. I love the Bloglovin’ daily news digest of blogs I follow. It’s such a useful service. Good luck with your audience growth and see you over at Blog Society! 🙂

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