Have you ever thought about becoming a life coach?

Have you ever thought about becoming a life coach? I did in 2002 and since that moment of discovering what a life coach was, I set about changing my career path and haven’t looked back.

As a Certified Beautiful You Business + Life Coach I’m proud to hold this certification and be of service to the community.

In 2018 I feel excited to be entering my 13th year of professional coaching. Since graduating from BYCA in 2015, I’ve since gone on to train as a Certified Crystal Healer and now am an Advanced Crystal Master. I truly love combining coaching and crystal healing and giving my clients a unique coaching experience where they learn to harmonize their energy as they grow their business and pursue their personal and professional ambitions.

My career choice as Business + Life Coach means I choose to work from home and nurture my growing family as I build my coaching practice. Personally, I find this flexible lifestyle is much more rewarding than the corporate grind and a lot less stressful. It gives me complete creative freedom and control of how I grow my business.

What is a heart-centred life coach?

For me, being a heart-centered Business + Life Coach gives me the opportunity to connect with and support my ideal clients in a soulful, intuitive and highly practical way.

I utilize all my training and experience to quickly get to the heart of what a person truly desires and skillfully support them as they navigate their way through their own unique journey…however that may unfold.

I’m proudly an award-nominated BYCA International Coach of the Year and have been awarded by the Australian Government for excellence in client service. It’s important to me to provide my clients with a thought-provoking, creative coaching experience that inspires them to embrace expansion as they strive to reach and exceed their potential. How will you be of service to your clients?


Not all coaching qualifications are equal

If you want to be an exceptional life coach you need to invest in your professional development and get the right sort of training. You also need to invest in your personal development and nurture these two areas of your life indefinitely.

This should excite you as it means you’re curious to learn and committed to being the best person and coach you can possibly be. It also signifies to your clients that you’re professional and take your work as a coach seriously. When you’re a coach, the learning never ends!

My professional coach training includes advanced and multiple coaching qualifications from leading, global training providers including the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. I greatly respect the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and it’s my number one choice for life coach training.

The Beautiful You Life Coaching Course is certified by the International Coach Federation which means it meets an exceptionally high standard. All students are trained by Julie Parker, the CEO and Founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy. Plus there is an impressive faculty and assistant trainers to support and inspire you during the program.

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy generously gives back to their coaches and provide ongoing support for their Certified Coaches. I take pride in being connected to and being part of this global, elite group of coaches who positively share their light with the world.

The Academy hosts Inspiration Days in different locations around the world and has an international awards program to reward and celebrate the success of their coaches. I was humbled to be a nominee in the inaugural Beautiful You International Coach of the Year category for 2014-2016.

Need to know more about training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy?

I wrote all about my heart-connecting experience of training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and my journey of becoming a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach which you can read here.

The Beautiful You Coaching Academy offers 3 courses each year and they sell out fast! If you’ve ever thought about coach training, make your dreams come true and put your desires into action. Start something incredible for yourself by investing in your professional development with this world-class training and partner with me as your mentor coach.

When you enrol to the Beautiful You Life Coaching Course via my unique affiliate link I will offer a significant bonus to help you towards meeting your own certification requirements for the course with 6 x 60 minute virtual coaching sessions with me for free!

I would be honoured to support you on your coaching journey!



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