I’m now a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer (CCH)

Exciting news! I’m proud to announce I’m now a Certified Crystal Healer (CCH)!

It’s exciting to share the news that I’m now a Certified Crystal Healer (CCH). I recently graduated from the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy where I’ve been deep in study mode, learning all about crystal healing and the science behind how crystals work.

Despite everything I already knew about crystals, this course busted myths and provided the scientific facts and latest research I’d been craving to know. It’s also helped me to use my crystals in a whole new way. And now I can use my beautiful crystals to support you too.

After providing coaching and mentoring services to clients in life and business for nearly 12 years, it’s with a full and happy heart that I now expand my coaching and wellness practice to offer in-person Crystal Healing in Melbourne and Distance Crystal Healing services.

Crystals are powerful gifts of the Earth and they are much more than pretty eye candy. In fact, it’s good to think of crystals as energetic tools that can increase health and longevity of the body.

Because of their unique qualities and crystalline properties, crystals can help us to restore balance and provide a harmonizing energy in our often tech-laden, ultra-busy lifestyles. What’s not to love about that right?

Crystal Healing is a deeply relaxing experience involving minimal contact. It’s a safe and rejuvenating therapy that aims to identify and restore energetic imbalances in the body.

In addition to placing crystals and stones on the body, other complementary vibrational frequency tools such as sound healing and aromatherapy may also be used during the session to amplify results. I combine these tools to provide my clients with the ultimate relaxing crystal healing experience. The response from clients has been amazing.

When we invest in ourselves, we demonstrate responsibility for our own happiness and wellbeing.

You’ll see from my extensive coaching credentials, I firmly believe that training and certification is fundamental to providing the highest level of service and integrity in my coaching and wellness practice.

Following intensive study with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, IIN and School of the Modern Mystic, I made a commitment to continue my professional development with Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy as a Certified Crystal Healer (CCH) and now towards certification as an Advanced Crystal Master (ACM).

Watch this space for future announcements and thank you for your continued support. Please visit my Crystal Healing Services page for further information and session packages.

I can’t wait to share this incredible experience with you soon!

If you have any questions or comments, please share your feedback below.

Crystal blessing!

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