How to invest in quality relationships

Thank you for being a friendRelationships and friendships are the cornerstone of our social existence. They can be tricky to handle, a joyous experience or an absolute nightmare. Investing in quality relationships will always serve you well.

Whether it’s our family, friends, partner, boss or co-workers there are all different sorts of relationships and friendships we have to navigate and cultivate every step of the way throughout life.

Building relationships with difficult people or opposite personality types can be a challenge and total energy drain. Those feelings of dread when you have to deal with someone where there’s a negative vibe creates anxiety and stress. Unless you’re able to break down any perceived barriers, it’s unlikely the relationship will change.

On the total opposite end of the spectrum, it’s an awesome feeling when you instantly connect with another genuinely gorgeous soul and have a synergistic flow, particularly with like-minded individuals. It’s easy and stress-free. These are the sorts of relationships and friendships we want more of in life. The ones that automatically blossom and develop over time.

What’s the point in having hundreds of friends on social media if, in reality, in the offline world you have no one you’re close to that you can connect with on a deeper level?

Nurturing quality friendships with large numbers of people is difficult and time consuming. It’s important to take stock of relationships and invest in quality friendships. It’s equally important to remove toxic relationships from your life. Genuine friends support you and cheer you on, not suck the energy and oxygen from the room or out do themselves to trump your achievements.

In a world where we text more than talk it’s easy to disconnect and lose the art of conversation. Throw in long work hours, family commitments and other life demands and it’s no wonder despite being surrounded with technology designed to bring us closer, we’re lonelier than ever.

As you connect with people on social media or even reconnecting with old school friends consider what sort of relationship you have or want with these people? If you were to look at the contacts in your phone and your real world friends or online followers, identify who you can reach out to for a meaningful conversation or in a time of crisis? The numbers might surprise you.


True, not every person we connect with needs to fall into the close friend category and we have social media platforms and methods for managing and segmenting, but don’t be down on yourself if you’re feeling a little friendless.

What can you do about it?

Firstly, you’re not alone! If you’re starting from scratch just remember – invest in quality relationships. Try a new course or tap into networks and groups of like-minded people who enjoy similar activities. You’ll have something in common and a point of connection as a place to grow from. You could also start your own blog on a topic you’re passionate about as a way to channel your interests and connect with other people.

On the flip side, are you stretching yourself thin with too many friends? Seek out those people you have the most connection with and nurture those relationships. Have a broken friendship that needs fixing? Can you forgive and forget or is it time to move on? Similarly, if you have negative people in your life who drag you down then it’s time to detox.

So what about the people in our lives who we are close to where there is mutual respect and reciprocated friendship? Be a supportive friend and treasure them. You never know how long you’ll have them in your life.

Personal development questions:

Answer the following questions and look for personal growth opportunities. What are your thoughts on this topic?  Leave your feedback below and share if it resonates. Or connect with me to explore further. I’d love to hear from you!

What does quality friendship mean to you?

Describe how you are a good friend.

How can you nurture existing relationships?

What toxic relationships do you need to remove from your life?

What are ways you can foster new friendships?

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