An original poem by Janelle Ledwidge: Springtime

SPRINGTIME POEMPoem: Springtime – The arrival of Spring heralds a time for growth.

Plants flourish, blossoms emerge after a chilly winter and the bare trees begin producing shoots of green leaves.

We see Springtime magic in nature as bees build their numbers seeking diversity of flora to pollinate. The promise of warmer weather and sunnier days means more activity outdoors and the chance to revel in the beauty of Mother Earth as she renews.

In this poem called Springtime, imagine you are outside in a lush, natural environment, surrounded by tall trees, basking in the warmth of a perfect Spring day. For this moment you are relaxed and uninhibited. You hear birds chirping in the distance and the sun is shining. The green grass is soft and textured under your feet. You release any negative, distracting thoughts and tune into the sacred energy of Mother Earth. Your mind feels light and unencumbered. Your breath is rhythmic. You are free to dream. What makes your soul sing? Savor this moment of Springtime magic and keep it in your heart forever.

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© Springtime (Magic) – A Poem by Janelle Ledwidge



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