An original poem by Janelle Ledwidge: The light within

I love writing the occasional poem, especially when the words flow with an urgency to be expressed and heard.

My poem The Light Within is all about what it’s like to be a glittering soul, loving ourselves without boundaries and how by tuning into our desires we can be liberated both emotionally and spiritually.

If you enjoy reading this poem, please leave a comment below and share how it made you feel. Thanks for reading.


© The Light Within – A Poem by Janelle Ledwidge 




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2 thoughts on “An original poem by Janelle Ledwidge: The light within

  1. If you could now just put that poem in tablet form I could take one of them every morning. I’m so thrilled that this is a reflection of you, and your family is so very lucky to have your energy in their lives. What a spectacular vision for your girls.

    1. That is the kindest compliment Renee. Thank you so much for reading and sharing this beautiful comment.💖💖💖

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