Testimonial Crystal Healing Janelle Ledwidge

Janelle has a vast knowledge of crystals, sound healing and essential oils. She has a healing touch even with the sound of her voice.

I had never had a crystal healing session before, but I was hoping to release some negative emotions and feel a sense of balance. The atmosphere was perfect in every way to just let me relax and almost send me into a state of meditation. The session made me feel zen. The energy and vibrations from the crystals really surprised me. I could almost feel a magnetic pull in certain areas.

After the session I felt relaxed, calm, and surprisingly energetic at the same time. I also felt a sense of clarity with a clear head. There is no doubt that the session was tailored to my specific needs. All areas of concern were individually dealt with. It made my body feel rejuvenated, revitalized and very fresh.

I would highly recommend Janelle to anyone looking to heal their body and mind from within, in a gentle, calming way.

Sweta Sheth, Production Planner

Janelle is an unbelievable resource and coach. I have come to rely on her knowledge, support, and guidance as I find my way forward in launching my coaching practice.

She provides a solid foundation for her clients that is much more than discussion. Janelle offers both empathy and resources within a heart-centered framework that I have found to be unique and extremely valuable.

I choose Janelle because she has a breadth of knowledge and experience in coaching and business; but also, was successful at balancing a family while focusing on business. Her inner light was so powerful, and I felt safe and secure in sharing my goals and dreams with her.

My work with Janelle has made a huge difference in how I approach my life and navigate the challenges along the way. I have become much more in tune with my inner voice. I now feel like I look through a different lens at myself and the world.

When I first came to Janelle, I was going through a lot of changes in my life. I was struggling with finding any form of consistency and also with the branding/message I wanted in my business. I was in transition from a very harsh breakup and had felt overwhelm in every aspect of my life.

Janelle was my first experience with a Life Coach. Through her coaching, I was able to learn tools on how to get myself out of that fearful, stuck position. I was also able to get my two goals into focus and fine tune my niche and ideal client. One of my goals I completed was “open my heart to love” and I not only reconnected with my own self-love and worth, but also with the love of my life. My other goal is “manifest my dream life.” This is a lifetime goal I feel will continue to evolve, but I’m one step closer to my dreams.

I feel without Janelle, I would still be dwelling through the same blockages I previously had. I’m really happy I chose to invest in myself because it was rewarding and set me up for future success. I have more drive than ever. I pulled through all my doubt, fear and anxiety and am now able to work through fears about my business with ease. I don’t allow it to paralyze me anymore.

alPrior to coaching with Janelle, I wanted to become a credible coach and move forward and launch my coaching business. I had no idea what I had to do or where to start so it was really great to have guidance for this scary but critical time in my business.

Through developing my website with Janelle’s coaching and business consulting support, I’ve become more empowered using technology and my confidence in approaching technology and content development has strengthened.

I had a productive and positive coaching experience with Janelle – she’s awesome! I achieved what I wanted to achieve and I’m now proactively moving forward with my business.

Amy Lynn, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach

Janelle is such a smoothly confident, elegant and qualified coach. I love her sassiness, her presence and ability to really listen to me as her client. I felt so seen and heard working with Janelle.

When our coaching series came to an end I felt so clear, creative and full of perspective. Coaching with Janelle took me on a path to moving me forward to my desires and goals. Not only that but I had a new sense of clarity, creativity and perspective.

I recommend Janelle’s coaching services with all my heart.

Clare Greig, Certified Business & Creativity Coach

kh_squareCoaching with Janelle had such a huge impression and impact on me, both during our series, and beyond. She created a safe and beautiful space each session, which allowed me tap into my passions, helping me bring them to life with actionable steps that kept me motivated and inspired on my journey toward my goal. I loved this experience, and am so thankful to Janelle for her coaching brilliance and her warming heart.

Kristie Hokin, Marketing Executive

56Janelle was absolutely wonderful! I have never worked with a coach before and didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t think it would be as thorough and in-depth as it was. I thought it would just offer guidance, but it was so much more than that. Janelle would break down your goals and really get into the nitty gritty of what you wanted to achieve and how you could get there. While she didn’t give away the answers (as there aren’t really any answers) she was always beside you to lend a helping hand to help you find what it was you needed to do to meet your goals.

I really enjoyed the coaching experience, and will take the knowledge and the bits and pieces I learnt moving forward for many years to come. Coaching with Janelle was a memorable and compelling experience. I have more focus. I now know what I have to do to achieve the things I want to achieve.

Samantha Youl, Digital Advertising Executive

Jill GrunewaldJanelle was what I consider an “ideal client.” She came to me with an impressive background and understanding about nutrition and holistic health. She was already doing many things right but knew that she needed a personalized approach in tying it all together.

Our sessions were as enjoyable for me as they were her; I actually learned a lot from Janelle. Her thirst for information is great and she’s professional, positive, and proactive – there was never a need for an excuse about why she hadn’t implemented. She “gets it” – I could explain something and she was already making an association to another point that I wanted to raise.

Aside from our coach/client relationship, Janelle and I have discussed our respective professional paths and I know that she is going to make an incredible and highly effective health coach – her knowledge, personality, and passion for holistic health and nutrition make her ideal for the role. I truly wish her the best in her sure-to-be successful career and hope that she has the pleasure of only working with clients as motivated as she is.

Jill Grunewald, Healthful Elements LLC, Minneapolis, MN

jbJanelle joined AIMIA as our Export Manager in May 2003 and for 7.5 years was entirely responsible for managing and growing the AIMIA TradeStart program.

Her many achievements include the creation, management and delivery of trade missions for the digital industry to New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Malaysia, multiple presentations at digital industry conferences, and acting as AIMIA’s representative on the Committee of Marketing ICT Australia (CoMICTA), a cross-industry and inter-governmental promotional body,

Janelle has an extraordinary track record in digital export, having beaten Austrade’s targets for export outcomes every year for as long as I can remember and has been ranked as one of the State’s top export advisors.

Most importantly she has personally coached and assisted hundreds of Australian companies achieve export success in global markets and directly helped her clients win millions and millions of dollars worth of trade deals.

Janelle brings unique value to companies operating in the digital and broader technology sectors. Having worked so closely with so many companies during her time as the AIMIA Export Manager she has developed a strong understanding of the business models and attributes of many companies and has been able to assist her clients in translating domestic Australian success into international success.

Having known Janelle for many years in her previous roles as well as working with her at AIMIA since I joined in 2004, I can‘t recommend her enough. She is a great operator on so many levels and is comfortable and more than competent at dealing with people at every level of seniority and from a wide range of business and government sectors.

John Butterworth, Former CEO, Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA)

phillip lewisJanelle worked with my company to facilitate the launch of the ClassMovies Program into the UK education sector. Her input was instrumental in guiding us through the process and her ideas delivered real results in short timeframes. Janelle has a great skill for grasping the issues and formulating clear and effective plans. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with Janelle.

Phillip Lewis, Founder, ClassMovies
leon youngOver the last 8 years I have had the pleasure to work with Janelle on numerous occasions, both in her AIMIA TradeStart role and more recently in her role as Commercialisation Manager at the Office of Trade. Janelle’s great talent is understanding the challenges faced by a start-up, and knowing how to bridge the gap between that and the realities of working with government programs. She has helped the businesses I’ve been involved in successfully access grants, participate in international trade shows and participate in government programs. Janelle is always outcome focused and realistic. She also has a great network and is known, respected and liked by pretty much everyone who counts in the Sydney digital scene. I look forward to our paths crossing again in the future.
Leon Young, Former Managing Director, Change2
lisa vincentOver the last five years Janelle Ledwidge has played a key role, as export adviser and coach, helping us plan and implement our organisation’s export strategy. We instantly felt comfortable with Janelle’s style, approach and skills and have experienced a very constructive working relationship over the years. Janelle has helped facilitate our export planning; she regularly makes contact to monitor our progress and has been very supportive when we have faced various obstacles and challenges along the way. Janelle always listens, provides excellent input and helps us find our own answers. I would recommend Janelle to anyone seeking professional coaching services.
Lisa Vincent, Director, Savv-e Pty Limited
JH_imgAs a coach and export adviser, Janelle has sensitively and patiently guided the export process for Cicada.net.au. Pragmatically Janelle understood Cicada’s limited resources and so focused on developing its strengths and promoting Cicada’s potentials. In doing so, she has worked closely with the Director, guiding her through the maze of export bureaucracy and working processes, with timely engagement with the company at the point and time of need, and indeed at the point of opportunity. The relevant signposts that Janelle has directed Cicada towards have built Cicada’s capability and indeed paid off.

Cicada has been able to export to both the US and China. These fragile connections have been secured, to a large degree, due to Janelle’s ability to provide moral support and practical strategies to each step of these negotiations. Janelle has also been able to work with flexibility that appreciates the rapid change that can occur in international business and internally within very small businesses. Janelle has assisted Cicada to take small steps leaving large footprints.

Judith Hewitson, Founder & Director, Cicada.net.au Pty Ltd