Living a wellness lifestyle with essential oils

Wellness = lifestyle + healthcare

Adopting daily healthy habits has long-term benefits for our wellness and longevity. But don’t get down on yourself if your existing routine feels lacklustre. We all know the saying better late than never, right? That’s exactly how I felt when I discovered doTERRA’s essential oils and now I’m excited to share them with you!

Living a wellness lifestyle with doTERRA’s essential oils is simple to achieve and maintain. Here, we will explore the benefits of using essential oils and how you can bring them into your life. I’ll also share a little about my own health journey and why I choose a holistic, wellness lifestyle.

Natural solutions can easily integrate into your day and as a certified integrative nutrition health coach, I’m here to support you. If you already know all about essential oils and are ready to order, please click the banner below otherwise continue reading and let’s connect.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

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Have you ever considered how much your physical and emotional health impacts the quality of your life?

A key lifetime goal of mine is to be the healthiest I can be. I know when I prioritise my health, I’m doing the best that I can do to take care of myself. This commitment has a positive flow-on effect into all areas of my life.

Since being diagnosed with Graves Disease back in 2005, which evolved into Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, I’ve been on a mission to get to the root cause of my autoimmune thyroid disease. Feeling vibrant, balanced and less stressed is directly linked to the state of my health and emotional wellbeing.

During this roller-coaster Hashi’s journey, I’ve modified my diet and changed my lifestyle to harmonize my energy and minimize fatigue. I use mostly natural, plant-based products and have found living a wellness lifestyle with essential oils has been a revolutionary step towards feeling whole. My self-care is elevated and I’m happier for it.

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Plant power from Mother Earth to YOU

Plants are vital to our existence. They sustain our life on Earth and give us oxygen. There are 391,000 different types of vascular plants in the world, yet only 450 plant species produce essential oils. Only a fraction are used for aromatherapy.

The essential oils found in plants have two main functions; to protect and communicate. The plant is protected from pathogenic micro-organisms like fungi or bacteria and the volatile aromatic compounds either deters or attracts insects and mammals.

It’s no surprise essential oils similarly protect humans against certain disease-causing microbes. Our bodies are biologically programmed to react to essential oil constituents.

Pure essential oils sourced from their native environment is precious plant magic in a bottle. A powerful gift to us from Mother Earth!

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Did you know that with a reference guide and a box of essential oils you can address 80 percent of your health priorities? 

If you feel inspired to create your own natural medicine cabinet, explore doTERRA’s Home Essential Kit. This discounted Wholesale Customer enrollment kit contains doTERRA’s 10 most popular essential oils, a Petal diffuser and handy information packet plus the one-time enrollment fee of $35 is waived.

Most Wholesale Customers choose the Home Essentials Kit because it offers exceptional value plus you can earn points for additional free products. Alternatively, there are other enrollment kits of different size and budget or you can create your own custom kit.

Whatever you decide, I recommend adding a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil to your order so you can begin safely using the oils topically. Fractionated Coconut Oil is a non-scented, absorbent and light carrier oil that will help to increase essential oil distribution while leaving skin feeling smooth and soft.

Janelle Ledwidge doTERRA Home Essentials Kit

Care for the whole you

Essential oils are supplements that holistically support the body fast and effectively.

Given our busy modern lifestyles, our physical health, emotional wellbeing and energetic levels all need extra care.

Our bodies contain over 1,000 receptors for smell making it one our most powerful senses. Simply inhaling the aroma of an essential oil is effective for calming nervous or anxious feelings in a variety of settings. The smell receptors located on the upper surface of the nasal cavity make direct links with the limbic system of the brain, an area that governs the body’s emotional responses.

Incorporating essential oils into your daily routine can support the immune system, digestive/gut and respiratory health, hormones, mood management, relaxation, balance and clarity.

Janelle Ledwidge doTERRA free wellness consult

Reach your wellness goals faster

Informed self-care is all about creating the habit of using doTERRA natural solutions as your first line of defense. With a handy, trusted essential oil reference book or quick-access guide on your phone, increase your understanding and application of the many possibilities you have at your fingertips.

When you establish a doTERRA Wholesale Customer account via not only will you receive doTERRA’s 25% discount, you can reach your wellness goals faster with a free wellness consult with me.

A free wellness consult with me is the perfect opportunity to discuss the top health priorities for you and your family and find natural solutions.

Also, you are not required to order every month. Once you’ve placed your first order, your wholesale membership lasts for 12 months. Renewal costs only $25 and doTERRA will give you a free 15ml bottle of Peppermint oil to reward your loyalty.

IMPORTANT: When filling in your details for the Wholesale Customer Account, check Enroller ID and Sponsor ID has 2105441 in both boxes so I can best support you. Have questions before ordering? Please fill in the form below and I’ll promptly respond to your message.

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Switching to low-tox is a no-brainer

Reducing my overall physical toxic load was one of the first steps I took towards living a wellness lifestyle using essential oils. I started by eliminating excess chemicals from my environment made the switch to a low-tox home.

I gradually reduced everyday chemical-based household cleaning products and self-care products, stopped wearing commercial perfumes (which are typically laden with petrochemicals) and chose organic, natural, non-toxic plant-based alternatives.

Making these small, yet significant changes has been hugely beneficial to me and my family. It’s dramatically improved the quality of our lives.

There are less chemicals in our home environment and my daughters are growing up learning about natural, plant-based alternatives – and enjoying using them! Even my husband benefits from daily use of essential oils, especially the protective and respiratory blends that are ideal for frequent travelers.

doTERRA On Guard Janelle Ledwidge Essential Oils Support Immune

My doTERRA must-haves

In my home, we use much of the doTERRA range including hair care products, spa, skincare, household cleaning and laundry liquid, supplements and of course the extensive essential oil range.

I’ve tried all the essential oils and regularly use them. I started off with the most popular essential oils in the Home Essential Kit (Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Melaleuca, Oregano, Peppermint, doTERRA Breathe, Deep Blue aka Ice Blue, DigestZen and On Guard) and built my knowledge and inventory from this core foundation.

I happily diffuse essential oils throughout the day and gratefully anoint myself with doTERRA Touch roll-on oils or my own blends. I LOVE being able to reach for these beauties! The skincare creams and serums are divine and the moisturizing lip-balms offer lasting nourishment for the lips. Herbal is my go-to lip-balm!

Switching out brands already in your home with similar low-tox doTERRA products is another way to experience the broader range. With a Wholesale Customer account you’re already saving 25% off retail prices and it’s really like your own shop with the perks of putting more money in your pocket.

doTERRA’s product range is effective, free of nasty chemicals and full of all the benefits that you’d expect from pure, ethically sourced essential oils. I encourage you to try them out for yourself. 

If you’re an Australian resident click the Wholesale Product Guide below to see the full range available in Australia.

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The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is the smartest way to shop, save and enjoy doTERRA.

These days we vote with our dollar because big supermarket chains limit brand and choice. It makes sense to shop for value and convenience. And that’s what your doTERRA Wholesale Customer account gives you; access to a scientifically-researched range of high-performing wellness products at a discounted price that deepens as your loyalty grows.

In fact, the optional doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) provides free product credits (points) for monthly purchases ordered on the program. The accumulated product credits can be used towards purchases of doTERRA products.

Loyalty Rewards is the smartest way to shop, save and enjoy doTERRA. A standard wholesale order will give you 25% off retail pricing, but to get the best value, create an LRP order (Loyalty Rewards Program) for even greater savings and opportunities to receive free product.

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As doTERRA celebrates its 10 year anniversary in 2018, this global leader was built on the mission of sharing therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world.

Sharing essential oils is a unique, personal experience where you get to experience the incredible power of essential oils for yourself directly with me. And this is why I love that doTERRA utilizes a direct selling model. It allows distributors to work with customers as opposed to mass marketing.

This model also created the opportunity for individuals and families to achieve their dreams of financial independence. Over 2 million Wellness Advocates, now use and sell doTERRA products around the world.

I prefer to know exactly where my essential oils are sourced from and how they are harvested and distilled. All doTERRA’s essential oils are stringently tested independently for purity. This means I choose consciously and know the sort of results I’m likely to have when using the oils.

Since 2008 the doTERRA product offering has grown from single essential oils and oil blends to include nutritional, spa, and healthy living products based on essential oil technologies and a comprehensive wellness philosophy.

This exceptional product range is possible with a Global Botanical Network of artisans and distillers. As doTERRA has become a trusted partner in the essential oils industry, it has also been able to help communities improve their own economic futures through its Co-Impact Sourcing® model and the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation.

doTERRA designed and constructed a state of the art facility in Pleasant Grove, Utah, featuring advanced scientific research facilities where distinguished scientists rigorously test every single batch of essential oil for validation of quality.

As doTERRA continues to work toward achieving its vision of providing all families everywhere with the health-promoting benefits of essential oils I hope you will join me in experiencing doTERRA for yourself. Please use the form below to connect and I’ll reply promptly.

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Essential oils are highly concentrated and as such should be used with great care particularly with children, pregnant or lactating women or if you have a known medical condition. The statements, products and methods are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Always use essential oils safely. Seek guidance from your doctor or a certified aromatherapist.