Have you ever considered how much your physical and emotional health impacts the quality of your life?

Adopting healthy habits at any stage in life has long-term health benefits. It’s one of the most important things you can do for yourself and for your longevity.

Prioritising my health has become a lifelong commitment. A key lifetime goal of mine is to be the healthiest I can be. I know when I look after my health, I’m doing the best that I can do to take care of myself and that has a positive flow-on effect into all areas of my life.

Since being diagnosed with Graves Disease back in 2005, I’ve been on a mission to get to the root cause of my autoimmune thyroid disease. My original diagnosis and condition has evolved into Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and while remission is apparently possible, it’s still on the horizon for me. Feeling vibrant, balanced and less stressed is directly linked to the state of my health and wellbeing.

During this Hashi’s journey, I’ve modified my diet and changed my lifestyle to ensure I’m getting enough rest and exercise. I also use more natural, plant-based products and find pure essential oils and embracing an essential oil lifestyle has become invaluable in supporting my overall wellness and health.

Plant power from Mother Earth to you

plant power

I have always enjoyed the aromas of essential oils. Initially I was attracted to diffusing but with more experimentation and increasing my knowledge about their many therapeutic benefits, I now use them topically too. I also enjoy blending oils to create custom scents and herbal recipes.

Pure essential oils sourced from their native environment equals precious plant power in a bottle. An amazing gift from Mother Earth!

There were many reasons why I decided to increase my use of essential oils and embrace living an essential oil lifestyle.

One of the primary reasons was to support my health by reducing my overall physical toxic load. I started by eliminating excess chemicals from my environment.

I gradually reduced everyday household cleaning products, stopped wearing commercial perfumes (which are typically laden with petrochemicals) and switched to organic, natural, nontoxic plant-based alternatives.

Making these small changes in my life has been hugely beneficial to me. I feel good knowing I’ve improved the quality of my life and this also has a positive impact on my family.

There are less chemicals in our home environment and my daughters are growing up learning about natural, plant-based alternatives. Even my husband benefits from daily use of essential oils, especially the protective and respiratory blends that are ideal for frequent travelers.

The Timeless Healing Potential of Essential Oils

Aromatic plants and their precious essential oils have been prized by human civilizations since Egyptian times. Frankincense, myrrh, coriander, cedarwood and juniper were common aromatics used by Egyptians and are still popular today.

Did you know that ancient aromatherapists believed that extracting a plant’s fragrance represented freeing the plant’s soul? This ancient interpretation resonates deeply with me because when I use my preferred brand of essential oils, I feel like I’m nourishing my own soul and proactively supporting my health and wellbeing.

Essential oil purity matters

Thanks to modern science there have been many advances in extraction technologies for medicinal and aromatic plants resulting in therapeutic grade essentials oils being readily available today. But not all essential oils are equal.

It’s crucial to understand:

  • the environment where your essential oils are sourced
  • how the essential oils are extracted
  • the testing protocols used to determine purity
  • whether the essential oil you use is pure and in it’s whole form
  • whether the essential oil contains any synthetic additives or partial chemical constituents

These were some of the factors I considered when I decided to become a Wellness Advocate for the largest and most respected essential oil company in the world.

What I love about this company is they create therapeutic-grade wellness products with the consumer in mind. It is a debt-free business that operates with integrity. Not only do they have a commitment to co-impact sourcing and partnering with indigenous communities to produce the most pristine essential oils on our planet, they also invest back into those communities to help them thrive. In fact, 80% of the essential oils they offer are unique to them.

They have designed and constructed a purpose built campus featuring advanced scientific research facilities where distinguished scientists rigorously test every single batch of essential oil for validation of quality. All essential oils are also stringently tested independently for purity. This means I know exactly what I’m paying for and this helps me to better understand the sort of results I’m likely to have when using the oils.

When I’m investing in essential oils and wellness products for my own and my family’s health, I recognise the importance of using certified therapeutic-grade essential oils that are 100% pure. There are brands on the market that say they are pure, however without proper regulation can adulterate, even worse, synthetically alter the chemical constituency of the oil which can cause unwanted reactions when used. I know what I’d prefer to use. How about you?

Share what you love

essential-oil-bottle-rosesWhen I first started really exploring the potential of essential oils, I initially wondered how I was going to incorporate these beautiful oils into my daily life.

I began experimenting and researching and it wasn’t long before I didn’t leave the house without a stash of essential oils in my bag!

Aside from the swift and positive impact these essential oils have on my mood and wellbeing, I’m always learning something new about how to use them. I love to share what I’ve discovered and introducing other people to the benefits of an essential oil lifestyle.

These little bottles of plant power now have a permanent place in my life. I always diffuse a custom essential oil blend before bed for a restful night’s sleep and during the day use essential oils to maintain vitality.

Essential oils

Why an essential oil business?

During my mid thirties I struggled to fall pregnant. When it seemed like everyone around me was starting a family, I began to doubt it would ever happen and that I was stuck in the corporate grind with no exit in sight. When I finally was blessed to become a late-stage mother, my health concerns hit an all time high. If I didn’t get my health and Hashi’s under control what would my future look like and how would this impact my family?

I decided to make a long-term investment in my health and my family’s financial future by saying yes to this exciting, heart-centered and scalable business which is perfectly aligned with my lifetime health goal and my coaching practice.

I get to share what I love and inspire other spirited entrepreneurs to do the same as they strive for their dreams. It’s an incredible opportunity.

Most people I know are always looking to improve the quality of their life. To put it simply, there is nothing wrong with creating wealth and an abundant life for yourself and your family. There’s also nothing wrong with network marketing, especially when you’re authentically sharing a product that you love using and believe in.

If you’ve ever thought about incorporating natural, safe and effective solutions in your life and sharing your journey, then there are great opportunities to connect into a global network of like-minded people who also embody an essential oil lifestyle.

Establishing a wholesale account is the smartest way to purchase essential oils as it provides an immediate deep discount on retail prices whether you decide to build your own business, share or use the products. With no selling or monthly minimum prerequisites, experiencing the oils at a reasonable price and getting started is fast and simple.

oil-drop_promo-240815A cost effective first order is to enroll with an introductory kit including the most commonly used essential oils and a beautiful diffuser. The wholesale membership fee of $35 is waived and you instantly save 25% on all future orders. The best value for money comes with the investment of a larger kit which is ideal for experiencing the full essential oil range and majority of the wellness products.

The company offers generous compensation plan and incentives to loyal customers. It’s no wonder they have a 68% retention rate compared to the direct selling retention rate average near 10%.

If you would like more information about experiencing essential oils then please consider the following questions:

  • Are you open to sharing the oils with others?
  • Are you open to the idea of creating an income via essential oils?
  • What best describes your level of interest?


Please contact me using the form below with ‘essential oils’ in the subject line. I’m also keen to connect with other savvy, health conscious people who are committed to establishing and growing their own essential oil business.

You’ll be part of my team and a wider, positive, proactive network of other inspiring women who are making huge strides with their wealth creation, growing their business and leading teams of their own.

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Essential oils are highly concentrated and as such should be used with great care particularly with children, pregnant or lactating women or if you have a known medical condition. The statements, products and methods are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Always use essential oils safely. Seek guidance from your doctor or a certified aromatherapist.