Coaching Services

Empowering women to thrive from a place of grounded harmony

Extraordinary woman how well are you taking care of yourself?

Being a soulful, creative woman in today’s world means we are busier than ever before. Our talent and ambition sees us working longer hours and spending more time online than men.

We’re feeling stretched with commitments and overwhelmed with demands from work and home. Our dream business feels out of reach and our energy feels unbalanced.

Let’s get real – we are juggling it ALL!

Stress-related illness is on the rise and deep relaxation (and quality leisure time) are rare luxuries. Most women simply prioritise themselves last.

In these circumstances, the busy-ness of life may make us feel like we’re being highly active. However, perhaps we’re not necessarily living the quality of life we’d ideally like.

If we’re not living intentionally, our self-belief and self-care can plummet. And, so can our motivation and creative mojo.

Enjoy life's journey

Most of us simply want to enjoy life’s journey.

We want to define success on our own terms, feel energetically balanced, happy and connected with people we care about, to have a deeper sense of purpose, and to live the longest, most comfortable life we can create for ourselves.

Being out of alignment may see us make poor decisions, be stuck in careers that aren’t right for us and in relationships with people that don’t respect us.

The tragedy of not honouring our higher self is that it affects our self-esteem which has a ripple effect on how we live. When we resist the pull of what our soul truly craves we are running away from ourselves and our heart’s desire.

Listen to your inner-voice – are you positively supporting yourself or inundated with self-criticism? Not only do negative thoughts and behaviours prevent us from radiating our true selves to the world – our time in this life is much too precious to waste. Wouldn’t you agree?

Ultimately, you are the captain of your soul. What do you really want and what do you need most right now?

Create the life you desire release what no longer serves you

Say yes to you

I love empowering extraordinary women to thrive from a place of grounded harmony. The sort of harmony where your energy is balanced and you experience a greater sense of clarity, freedom, creativity and joy that comes from decisions and goals that align with your soul’s desire. Sounds good, right? And, it’s achievable for you too. 

Embarking on a coaching experience with me is acknowledgement that you are ready for change and willing to take action to achieve what you want.

Coaching will help you gain more momentum and greater shifts than trying to manage things your own. I’ll help you to focus, prioritize and act in line with your values and vision.

Saying yes to coaching with me is a declaration of self-love, an exciting exploration and implementation of what will enrich your personal, professional and entrepreneurial life.

It’s exhilarating, challenging and deeply rewarding. I’m with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. I’m deeply humbled to be YOUR guide.

My clients are full of praise for my breadth of experience, multi-passionate approach and dedication to service and their success.

Schedule your initial 30 minute heart-to-heart and let’s connect!

I move beyond limitations and now allow myself to express freely and creatively

Your empowered vision

I offer professional business and life coaching, crystal healing services and doTERRA wellness guidance and products to support women so they fully rise up and fulfill their ambitions in a way that feels exciting, authentic, achievable and sustainable.

I value diversity, equality and inclusiveness. I unreservedly extend a respectful hand of allyship to black, indigenous, and people of colour (BIPOC). I wholeheartedly welcome the opportunity to compassionately support BIPOC, gender diverse people and the LGBTQI+ community.

We are all on a lifelong journey of self-discovery. My clients love how I help them to enjoy the expansiveness and freedom that comes from true self-connection and authentic self-expression.

The rewards of being in alignment with your personal values as you navigate life are limitless.

If now is your time to shine then I can help you transform yourself and your big dreams into actuality. Together, we will focus on what what you want to accomplish and the steps you need to take to make it happen. If you are ready and willing to take positive action towards self-actualization schedule an initial heart-to-heart with me. I can’t wait for us to connect!

My Credentials + Experience

I’m a Certified Beautiful You Life Coach and inaugural BYCA International Coach of the Year Awards Finalist. I’m an Advanced Crystal Master and Certified Crystal Healer trained by the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy.

I hold Coaching and Advanced Coaching certifications from Coach U and a Health Coaching certification with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Along with highly useful resources you can access during your coaching series, you’ll also benefit from my 15 years’ experience working in the digital media industry. My clients included top CEOs and business owners who I supported with coaching and export advisory services including international marketing, international trade missions and business matching.

I coach and mentor other coaches and this is an area of my business that I love.

I have a passion for personal development and creativity. I continually invest in these areas and give you access to a swathe of expertise in digital content and website development, blogging, social media, business strategy, marketing and branding, public relations, events management and international business development.

As a highly intuitive, creative and multi-passionate coach, I know how important it is for you to feel confident and supported goal setting across several goal areas. I strive to create a motivational, safe and flexible environment that produces mutual trust and respect.

Are you ready to say yes to you? Schedule your initial 30 minute heart-to-heart now and let’s connect!

Thrive from a place of grounded harmony
What to expect from coaching

If you haven’t worked with a life coach before, it’s important to distinguish the difference between coaching versus consulting or counselling.

Consulting is the business of giving expert advice, and counselling resolves personal or psychological issues that often require dealing with the past. Coaching is a positive partnership between you and me that is forward-focused and goal-oriented.

The learning and awareness you gain from your journey of self-actualization should be exciting and rewarding. Showing up for yourself and investing in the coaching process will give you greater results in a shorter amount of time.

My role as your coach is to support and guide you while you explore the power of your own desire as you move forward with your goals, claiming the life you most want and deserve. It’s a thought-provoking and creative process that is open, flexible and confidential. I ask a lot of powerful questions and listen deeply. I hear you.

Lifestyle, life coaching specialtiesBusiness, Entrepreneur, Solopreneur Coaching SpecialitiesWellbeing, Health, Vitality Coaching Specialties

For your coaching series you can choose to work in one area or across all three to create the ultimate holistic coaching series that feels perfect for you.

3 months / 6 sessions $480 per month ($1440 total)
6 months / 12 sessions $480 per month ($2880 total)

Crystal Healing services can be combined with your coaching series for an additional fee.

All Coaching Series include the following services:

Initial 30 minute heart-to-heart
I love connecting with my clients to bring about the best possible results. I offer a complimentary 30 minute initial heart-to-heart via Skype (video or no video) where we discuss your pre-coaching questionnaire and determine if we are a good match for coaching. This is an obligation-free opportunity for us to get to the heart of what you desire, get to know one another and see how I can best support you.

Private 1:1 Coaching Sessions
6 x 60 minute virtual/Skype coaching sessions, held fortnightly.

Email Support
Email support gives you the opportunity to ask important questions in between our sessions so you stay in action, moving towards your goals.

Additional Resources
During the Coaching Series you may require additional resources to support your progress and these are provided where relevant for self-paced completion during the series.


Custom Custom Crystal Grid*
1 x Custom Crystal Grid – created with Grade A crystals and stones selected by me that best support your needs. I will create, activate, maintain and keep the Crystal Grid in my sacred space for one lunar cycle. *This is an optional service. All supplies remain the property of Janelle Ledwidge, A Glittering Soul.

My Coaching Services are right for you if you seek to:

  • Enjoy a long, happy and healthy life
  • Establish goals that are aligned with your vision of what you truly desire
  • Feel less overwhelmed and stuck
  • Live in the present moment while taking care of your future
  • Have more clarity, direction and connection with your true purpose
  • Be the healthiest you can be
  • Authentically and courageously express who you are online and in the real world
  • Create a sustainable balance between your personal and professional life
  • Launch and develop a longterm sustainable business
  • Experience something different in your life and need an outside perspective
  • Tune into your soul’s wisdom and develop your intuitive skills
  • Explore how to best honour your unique talents
  • Create a personalised action plan to map out your vision and how to achieve it
  • Ramp up the fun and creativity in your life
  • Trust yourself more and define success on your own terms
  • Feel more confident and deepen your self-belief
  • Make a difference in the world
  • Become more mindful, lose the stress and enjoy life’s journey
  • To bust limiting beliefs in order to change resulting in lasting transformation

My Coaching Services are not right for you if you:

  • Simply want someone to give you all the answers and not do any work yourself
  • Don’t feel that a safe environment would help you to see yourself clearly
  • Don’t need a structure for accountability
  • Are not interested in identifying gaps where you are and where you want to be
  • Are not ready to take action or dedicate the time and energy towards supporting yourself
  • Are looking for a quick fix and not up for a challenge
  • Are dealing with deeply rooted issues in the past that require counselling
  • Feel that investing in a coaching series would create financial pressure in your life

If you are ready to experience more clarity, perspective and a deeper sense of purpose while creating the life you most desire then I invite you to schedule your free 30 minute initial heart-to-heart with me.

I can’t wait to hear from you!